Episode 89: Your true CEO self with Ashton Long Smith

October 11, 2020

Amanda Smith

Business, podcast

Your true CEO self with Ashton Long Smith

Amanda Smith talks with Ashton Long Smith, soulful business coach and creator of the online membership, The Awakening. They talk about what it means to fully embrace your CEO role in your business, common mistakes beginning entrepreneurs make, moving the needle forward in your business, how to work within your energy to increase productivity, and so much more.

Ashton emphasizes the importance of focusing on the one or two things you do extremely well in your business, versus dispersing your energy to 20 different things. She herself tried to do everything for many years, which is why she generated cashflow but not steady profits. It wasn’t until she dedicated herself to a few core offerings that her business started to flourish.

“I was a hobbyist instead of a business owner, and I think that’s what differentiates the two: you do have to start getting into the space where you’re willing to believe in your offer enough to to sell it.”

Today, Ashton Smith is a coach, writer, and space-holder for visionary women who are ready to take radical responsibility of their business. In her online membership, The Awakening, she helps women soulfully and strategically own their CEO so they can increase their income and impact without burning out.


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