Episode 88: The Juggle Is Real: Author, Photographer, and Commuity Host Kat Harris

October 11, 2020

Amanda Smith

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Episode 88: The Juggle Is Real: Author, Photographer, and Commuity Host Kat Harris

In this episode, Amanda chats with Kat Harris, a Brooklyn-based online educator, digital content creator, and female empowerment advocate whose vision is for women to know their beauty, identity and value. She is Co-Founder of the online publication The Refined Woman and host of The Refined Collective Podcast. She has also been a full-time photographer for the last decade with her work being featured in: Vanity Fair, GQ, Forbes, People, Who What Wear, US Weekly, and Glamour UK.

They talk about her creative journey from full-time photography to building a diverse online business. More than anything, Kat believes that the best things take time and it’s okay to change and evolve along the way. Her winding journey to a career she loves taught her the value of taking patient baby steps in the right direction. Things she originally saw as liabilities, like her femininity in the male-dominated field of photography, she now sees as assets.

““Because I’m a woman I see the world differently, and because I’m a woman I am able to make this model feel safe and secure in a way that another photographer cannot…my femininity is an asset, it’s my secret sauce.”

Today, the vehicles for her message are: her podcast, online courses, written articles, hosted leadership development workshops, speaking at conferences, and more.  It has become a bigger passion in her life than she ever could have imagined.



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