Does This Sound Familiar?

You want to be part of an empowering group of women that provides you with resources to make connections, build your network and your business, and cuts through the superficial fluff and gets right to the meat…

You want to be surrounded by like-minded females and some of the BEST experts in building a thriving business and living a better life...

You are passionate about being part of an empowering community that inspires, motivates, and helps elevate you to your highest self...

Sound like you?

Welcome to Your Fave New Girl Gang

Welcome to Your Fave New Girl Gang

We’re glad you’re here. Girl Gang Insiders is a community of career-driven, inspiring women who are passionate about building up our businesses and each other. We don't believe in competition -- only collaboration -- and we 👏 are 👏 HERE👏 for it!

Girl Gang Insiders: The Perks

✔️Business Resources

Unlimited access to our career trainings, business education, and other resources to help grow, manage, and scale your business.

✔️Exclusive Access

Invitations to our members-only events, both virtually and in person. Grow your professional network, your business, and your social circle all at the same time. 

✔️Free Advertising

Promote your business, job listings, offers + more to our community of 50,000k+ members. Get your business in front of like minded women who want to support your growth.

✔️Partner Perks

Gain exclusive access to our partner perks! Opportunities for promotions, digital assets, and other industry connections only found through Girl Gang Insiders.

✔️Locked-in Insider Discounts

Girl Gang Insiders-only pricing giving you steep discounts on Girl Gang Merchandise and events. Your discounted pricing is locked in instantly upon registration.

✔️Insiders-Only Community Newsletter

Receive our members only bulletins and get additional promo codes, insider tips, special news, and other exclusive information only available to Girl Gang Insiders.

✔️Free Business Directory Listing

Get your business on our exclusive-to-Insiders website directory in front of thousands and thousands of people looking for exactly what you have to offer. 

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Who are We?

Who are We?

Your biggest supporters.

Your sounding boards.

Your business network.

Your community.

We are Dallas Girl Gang.

We were founded with a single mission: to create a diverse, inclusive, accepting community built on authentic connection. We believe in the power of real relationships.

If feel like you’ve found your new girl gang, #youcansitwithus

Not in Dallas? You can STILL sit with us! We first launched in Dallas, Texas, but boss babes from all over the world can connect with us virtually. We believe that women EVERYWHERE should have the opportunity to be a part of our Girl Gang.

We don’t do fake around here. With Dallas Girl Gang, you come as you are.


Here’s what other Insiders Have to Say

Here’s what other Insiders Have to Say

Here are 3 reasons why I joined:

1. LLC vs DBA: I received some really conflicting information from small business owners about whether an LLC is necessary compared to a DBA. Through Amanda and Dr. Cortney Baker, I was able to gain valuable information on what direction in needed to proceed in for my business. Win!!

2. Sponsorships: I’ve been to several DGG events and wondered how Amanda gained these fabulous sponsors?? By being apart of this community, Amanda was gracious enough to answer my sponsorship questions, lead me in the right direction on getting started and gave me a sneak peak of her media kit! Other business owners wanted to charge me an arm and a leg just to answer my questions! Win #2!!

3. Community: I was able to connect with several fabulous boss ladies, share tips on what’s worked for me and learn best practices at the same time. What a great group of strong women that are open to sharing! Win #3!!

Overall, this was a great idea Amanda! I’m proud to be apart of this group! Keep up the good work! 😊 Thanks!

-Kinda Turner

This Membership is For You If…

This Membership is For You If…

✔️You’re self-starting, motivated and you want to surround yourself with like-minded boss babes that elevate you and keep you accountable

✔️You LIVE for real conversations + real relationships that last a lifetime

✔️You think that a group of empowered, confident women who are KILLING IT in their lives and businesses is #GOALS

✔️You want to live a better live and excel in your career and in business

✔️You know the power of AUTHENTIC connections

✔️You believe in the power of supporting other women

✔️You crave something MORE in your life and you’re ready to level-up 



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one year

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let's do it

Pull Up a Chair and Join the Girl Gang Insiders

Pull Up a Chair and Join the Girl Gang Insiders

We can’t wait to connect and collab with you.


*3 month minimum commitment*

See you on the inside!

See you on the inside!

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Dallas Girl Gang is a community of women supporting each other in life and business. We offer events, engaged community, and encouraging content for women in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and beyond.

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