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“Amanda Smith is an educator by trade turned CEO of her own company, To Gather LLC. Amanda is an expert in connecting, marketing, pitching business, and cultivating community.

After a huge life shift in 2017 and a move to Dallas, Amanda was seeking a community for women that was inclusive and offered resources for career, life, and business- anc came up empty. So, she created one herself and called it “Dallas Girl Gang.” Today, DGG has an audience of over 50,000+ women across the country.

Now Amanda is bringing “You Can Sit With Us ™” to life across the country and coaching women who are building new businesses. She is passionate about bringing women together into meaningful community and lifting one another up.

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Dallas Girl Gang is a community of women supporting each other in life and business. We offer events, engaged community, and encouraging content for women in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and beyond.

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