Episode 133: Ohla! Foods: Healthy Food that Tastes Good TOO!

August 19, 2021

Amanda Smith

Business, podcast

Lauren shares with The Girl Gang Podcast her journey to creating a food business that brings healthy food that tastes good too! 

More about Lauren: As a young girl, founder Lauren’s fondest memories were in the kitchen cooking with her family. When Lauren met her husband Stephen in college, the two of them could often be found cooking in the kitchen for all their friends. Food brings people together around a table, and the two of them love hosting family and friends.  Lauren and Stephen Schwalb came up with the idea to create a health food company that offered nutritious and healthy foods and tasted good. After completing Whole 30 together at the start of 2020, they became super interested in what they were eating and feeding their family. As an active family of four, they wanted to eat healthily but didn’t want to sacrifice taste. They wanted healthy alternatives that tasted great, too. Out of that, Ohla! was born!

You can check out more info about Ohla! Foods on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/ohlafoods/ and the website here: https://www.ohlafoods.com

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