Episode 132: Sticking True to You with The Girl Gone Green

August 19, 2021

Amanda Smith

Lifestyle, podcast

Amanda sits down with Manuela Baron to discuss how important it is to show up as an unapologetic you and how that’s the best for your business. 

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Here’s a little more about Manuela: Manuela Baron is a sustainability expert, activist, and founder of The Girl Gone Green, an inclusive community of over 100,000 that fosters social and environmental change in a kind, compassionate way.  Former Host of Cheddar University, TEDx Speaker, YouTuber, and Aerie Real Role Model. Her work has been featured by Fashionista Magazine, Hola, Fast Company, and WDD. Her focus is to revolutionize the world while also spreading positivity and promoting well-being and mental health. You can find Manuela cleaning up the beach in her Florida community and collecting trash to repurpose into ART.

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