Episode 106: Minisode with Amanda Smith: Building trust and visibility through social media

December 17, 2020

Amanda Smith

Business, podcast

In the last episode of 2020, Dallas Girl Gang founder Amanda Smith shares tips and tricks for showing up on Instagram and putting your business out there. Are you physically showing your face on social media? If not, you should be! People buy from people they like and are familiar with. So share your story, your services, and your purpose with your audience. Show up consistently and serve others through social media and your business will benefit.

“Don’t you think you would be much more inclined to learn more about the business or buy a cup if you knew the story behind it, if you knew the person behind it? …tell your story, share why you started your business, how you serve clients, how people can work with you, what past clients have said and how their experience has been, what you’re most excited about, how your programs work, how your products work.”

Thanks for showing up for us in 2020- we love our community and we can’t wait for all that’s in store in 2021!

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