Top Girl Gang Podcast Episodes for Quarantine

October 11, 2020

Amanda Smith

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Top Girl Gang Podcast Episodes for Quarantine
Top Girl Gang Podcast Episodes for Quarantine

What day is it again? We’ve been quarantining for so long now, I don’t even keep track. This hasn’t happened since summer vacations in middle school. We as a community, gotta keep going strong in our self-isolation and social distancing and hopefully all this craziness will pass and we can go back to complaining about our normal jobs. But really, we are learning the hard way that we have a new normal that could last for who knows how many more weeks. 

To help keep your sane and going strong in quarantine, we’ve got a list of the top episodes to listen to from the Girl Gang Podcast. 

Top Girl Gang Podcast Episodes for Quarantine

Episode 12: 

First up, I feel like every DGG member needs to know where we came from and what we’re all about. In this episode, Amanda talks about the story of Dallas Girl Gang and how it all started.  She explains why community and collaboration is so important in our world, lives, businesses, and relationships today. Women need community now more than ever and we are striving to create just that. We’re not about that competition life. Community over competition. Periodt.  

Listen to the podcast: here

Episode 14:

Have you ever seen a gorgeous end-cap at Target with beautiful planners, notebooks, and goodies that say “May Designs” on it? Well, we’re bringing the mastermind behind the brand to you in this episode! Learn about starting a lifestyle brand from such a successful female entrepreneur. Mica May of May Designs joins us for a good long chat about starting her brand, scaling the business, success, failure, being a mom….literally you name it! 

Listen to it: here

Episode 15:

This episode is all about the lovely Jenna Boyd! She is an actress, entrepreneur, and such a kind person. Listen to her story and how she got started in her successful career. Listen to the conversation of building a meaningful life within your career and business. 

Listen to the episode: here

Bonus Episode 2019: 

In this amazing episode, you will listen to Amanda’s story, unedited, untouched, 100% real fruit juice the truth. She gives you the low down on her journey and gets open and vulnerable with you guys. She talks about ministry and the real hard things she faced. If anything, this episode makes me feel so inspired. 

Click the link to listen: here

June 13th Minisode: 

Have you hopped on the entrepreneur rollercoaster? At some point in this quarantine, I’m sure you have. We’re all right along with you, girl. In this episode, Amanda wanted to have a heart to heart. She talks about the ups and downs of life while being an entrepreneur. This is so important to hear, especially in times like these. You are not alone and Amanda explains how we all go through feeling like it. 

Listen to it: here

Episode 46 #RealTalk:

You should know by now that we are all about that #RealTalk. In this solo episode, Amanda talks about the real *ish about life, mental health, relationships, and what it’s like being a human being. 
Join the chat: here

Episode 68:

Never been to a DGG event before? Well you’re in luck because we are coming at you live from our pre-quarantine Boss Babe Happy Hour event in February. Listen in on our chat with speakers: Amanda Montgomery (lawyer), Marrica Evans (influencer), and Alex Cohen (stylist). We have conversations on being a creative, authenticity, niche branding, and so much more. 

Listen in to the conversation: here

Top Girl Gang Podcast Episodes for Quarantine

Make sure to keep listening to the Girl Gang Podcast. New episodes come out every week! 

I N S T A G R A M  : @girlgangpod

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