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Episode 99: Creating Content Made Easy – Amber Lashawn

October 15, 2020

Amanda Smith


This week Amanda Smith chats with Amber Lashawn, the brand guru behind Brand Girl Magic, about how to make content planning easy for your business. Their conversation is full of practical tips and insights, like the importance of planning ahead, how having pillars/framework will save time and ensure your content always aligns with your offer, how to batch work, and the must have tools for any business.

“We don’t have to be spread out. Content can be easy. We just have to do so. We don’t have to have professional photos all the time. We have these thousand dollar phones where we can take great pictures…we can simplify this for ourselves, and we don’t need a thousand different apps to do so.”

Amber LaShawn is the Founder of Brand Girl Magic, where she leads women on the journey of growing more confident in their business ideas, so they can create content that attracts dream customers. She’s spent most of her career helping Major League Baseball players, their wives, and non-profits, build notable brands in the community. Now, she’s built a safe space for women to gain the tools to be independent of a 9 to 5 by building a brand that provides the income they need to live life on their terms. 


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