Episode 95: Building Community and a Legacy Around Your Company with Natalie Franke

October 11, 2020

Amanda Smith

Business, podcast

Building Community and a Legacy Around Your Company with Natalie Franke

This week’s episode is all about the power of strong community. Amanda Smith chats with Natalie Franke, co-founder of The Rising Tide Society, a community of creative entrepreneurs who prioritize community over competition. She firmly believes community is in the struggle, not the curated feeds and perfect flat-lays. Natalie is also a writer, photographer, and mother.

 “Perception of community  really fails to acknowledge that community is strongest in the struggle, and community is not perfect. Community is deeply imperfect. And actually, to add one more layer to that, and the strongest communities are not communities where we all think the same or we all look the same. Community is strengthened by diversity. It is strengthened by championing inclusivity. It is strengthened by not fitting in, but instead belonging. And these are very different ideologies…Truthfully, a strong community should really represent the incredible diversity of the people that are a part of it.”

On her journey, Natalie has come to realize that competition is natural. Humans are hard wired to compete. But we are also hard wired to belong. She strives to create spaces where both are accepted. Spaces where people have equal opportunities for leadership and advancement, can cheer each other on and ask questions. At the end of the day, no one should do business alone. We need each other to thrive and succeed.



Natalie Franke

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