Episode 137: Making tough decisions for your business with Lone River Ranch Water

August 19, 2021

Amanda Smith

Business, podcast

Katie Beal Brown joins Amanda to talk about how she launched her business at the peak of the pandemic and making tough decisions throughout it all. 

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More about Katie: 

Katie Beal Brown left her ad director job to launch a hard seltzer inspired by her West Texan roots in 2018, building an entirely new sub-category of tequila-inspired seltzers within the fastest-growing alcohol segment. Leveraging her ad experience and instincts, Brown found early success in the tough-to-crack adult beverage category by leaning into the values of the American West, brand storytelling, and 1:1 communication with customers. Brown’s Lone River Beverage Company hit shelves amid the global pandemic in April 2020, but that didn’t slow her down. She continued to lead her startup through a global can shortage, multi-state expansion, product development, and the onset of copycat competition. Lone River Ranch Water was profitable after its first month in business. Brown also negotiated an acquisition with global spirits and beer company Diageo within her first year in business – during the biggest winter storm to hit Texas. Brown remains CEO of the brand, and continues to personally manage the @RanchWater social accounts, and has a distinct vision for marketing and advertising behind Lone River. She knew the value of unique brand partnerships and sought out like-minded collaborations with brands like Lucchese, Kemo Sabe, the NFR, and more. Brown has become a modern voice in the adult beverage industry being featured in WSJ, Forbes, Fox Business, Vinepair, and recently joined Brewbound’s “Brew Talks” panel on alt beer.

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