CuffedUp Craze

October 11, 2020

Amanda Smith

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CuffedUp Craze
CuffedUp Craze

Calling all professionals! We’ve discovered an amazing local female-run small business that makes looking like a professional so much better. CuffedUp creates functional accessories for styling the sleeves on your shirts. Texas summer heat can be so brutal, and with CuffedUp cuffs, you can get perfectly rolled sleeves that stay put and look polished all day long. 

These cuffs come in different colors like white, black, rose gold, and silver depending on what fabrics you are working with. You can create new styles and look better in the clothes you already have. 

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With this product, you can make a small wardrobe work without having to tailor or cut your tops. You can turn bell sleeves into fitted ones or turn your long sleeves into short sleeved. You get way more out of what you already have, by revamping the shirts you already have.

The Cuffs often get compared to slap bracelets, but they are much different. You can check out their blog post on the differences between the two: here

These cuffs are handmade in Dallas, Tx and have attracted attention from Real Simple Magazine, Veronica Beard, and RewardStyle founder Amber Venz within the first year of their launch. 


With support from the local community, they launched their newest product: The CuffedUp Cover in the middle of the pandemic craze. These are covers that go over your CuffedUp Cuffs to customize your sleeves. They are interchangeable Covers that have a cute design andl peek out of your sleeves for a fun and fashionable addition. You can maximize your button-down shirt wardrobe with this creative accessory. You can learn how to use them: here

Let your personal style shine through those basic button-downs with their handmade CuffedUp Covers for less than $20. Check out this video on when to wear Cuffs with/without a Cover

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No need to toss out your old shirts and let CuffedUp Covers bring them back to life. With life slowly starting to get back to normal, CuffedUp can boost your confidence getting back to work in the office. 

Instagram: @cuffedupcuffs


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