BossVisionCon: Connect. Transform. Empower.

October 11, 2020

Amanda Smith

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BossVisionCon Connect Transform Empower
BossVisionCon: Connect. Transform. Empower.

To all the boss babes & female entrepreneurs out there! 

Are frustrated with your struggle of cash flow?

Struggling to get people to be excited about your business products or services? 

Or maybe not sure how to best market your business?


Enter, The Boss Vision Conference! 

It is a one day *ONLINE* conference on September 12th for the women who are running a business and looking to grow it, wanting to hone in and bloom it into a powerhouse, and connect to other like-minded women. 

This is our third year hosting our very own conference and our first year going virtual! (Thanks, COVID-19.) But we are stoked nonetheless! 

If you are wanting true support from other female entrepreneurs and the ability to bounce ideas off each other freely, or to find more connections to fill needs in your business, or maybe wanting to learn how to grow your online following on social media then you are in the right place!


Last year, we had two amazing and jam packed days of speakers, break out sessions, panels, 1:1 interviews! 

We had a Saturday morning barre class, so many booths to visit, and session after session of incredible business information! We challenged and equipped women with the tools and knowledge they’d been looking for with intimate workshop-style sessions about finances in business, branding, social media, and finding your strengths. 

Our boss biz babes walked away from sessions on topics like mindset, leaning into your strengths, and community amongst female business owners, with the tools they need to prosper and build a meaningful and sustainable business. 

Leaving the weekend with actionable steps from our sessions to take and apply to their business and change it for the better. 


And we are so excited to do it again!!! We know it won’t be quite the same to go virtual but we are bringing our all to make sure that this year is bigger and better in terms of sessions, panels, and solo speakers. 

We have over 20 speakers and 7+ sessions for our full day of events! 

Starting out with moving our bodies (a morning must!), then our kick off and straight into our sessions! 

If you’re ready to connect with each other, with yourself, connect your business to others, and connect your business systems; if you’re ready to transform your mindset, relationships, your revenue, your success rate, and your client experiences; and if you’re ready to empower yourself to show up, empower others to succeed, empower your audience to thrive, and empower others thru what your business offers or does…then LET’S DO THIS!BossVisionCon Tickets


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